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C4W Member Profiles: Marcie Jacobs and Ellen Stebbins

May 2, 2012

What is your profession? MJ: My official title is Chief Story Starter, but I created StoryClub Games. So, as far as a profession, I suppose that makes me an entrepreneur. ES: I have been blessed with the gift of connecting people to create opportunities. My 3 companies allow me to pursue this passion! As the Vice President of StoryClub games, I am privileged to connect women and get them laughing their heads off. As the Co-Founder of The Lowcountry Business Network, I connect entrepreneurs together and get them networking in a fun and creative way. As the Co-Founder of Charleston Internet Marketing, I connect businesses to their target market! I also love to speak to various organizations on Networking, Social Media and Attitude Amid the Chaos!

What do you enjoy doing outside of your career? MJ: I love reading. Anything and everything. I also love gardening. Something about planning, selecting, arranging, and then of course, watching it grow. I love tackling a complicated recipe and making it my own. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I used to love traveling and still have moments of wanderlust, but all in all, I love just being home. Life’s pretty simple and sweet here in the Lowcountry. ES: Exercising, traveling, boating, personal development, spending time with my family and friends.

How long have you been a member of the Center for Women? MJ: Couple of years. ES: I am a new member!

What inspired you to become a member? MJ: I was impressed the first time I met Jennet at a site visit to C4W for a Women Making a Difference grant. The C4W truly has made a difference in the lives of Lowcountry women. ES: I love what the Center For Women does for our community as a whole. It truly makes a difference in the lives of women!

What kind of impact has the Center for Women had on you? MJ: The Center has a vast cadre of programs. I’ve learned so much and, at the same time, been able to meet and network with so many fantastic Lowcountry women! ES: Jennet and Amanda have provided me with a number of opportunities to teach, learn and grow in the C4W Environment. Additionally, I am always inspired by the number of powerful women that we have here in Charleston. It has been amazing to connect with them!

How has living day-to-day as a woman affected you? MJ: As most women, my day-to-day life is based on my relationships. I understand that women connect differently than men and that our relationships are our support systems to be able to deal with all of life’s successes and failures. So, I work very hard to nurture those relationships. ES: Being an entrepreneur and a single mom has been quite a wild ride! I have built 2 companies and am starting on a 3rd (StoryClub!). Some days it seems that every second is filled with activities. But we manage to fit everything in and still have some down time. I certainly couldn’t have done any of it without my support system – my good friends that love my children as their own, and all the members of the community that I can count on to help me with anything I need. I am eternally grateful!

What kind of message would you like to send out to women who are trying to succeed in today’s economy? MJ: Connect with other women! I read somewhere that spending time with friends is just as important to our health as working out. So cherish your girlfriends. Make time and plan get-togethers. You’ll be amazed at the inspiration and motivation that a little ‘girlfriend therapy’ offers! ES: For most of us, when things are going great, it’s easy to be good. It’s easy to be happy. But when things are not going that great, we get sad, negative and pessimistic. Sometimes, it’s very hard to look around and be grateful for the blessings we have. However, through whatever, challenges you are facing, you have to condition your mind to where very little could shake you and take you down. Know that without challenges, without setbacks, without difficulties, without chaos, you could never reach your full potential in your life. Take your challenges and tell them that they will not defeat you! YOU have a big purpose in your life and you should be determined to become who you know you are. You are powerful beyond measure! You playing it small with your attitude doesn’t serve you and it certainly doesn’t serve the world. Remember that you will always get what you give – and where your focus goes, energy flows. What you focus on will determine your outlook on life. Make sure you are focusing on the good news of THE BRIGHT SIDE which will change your attitude, your outlook and ultimately, your life!

How can people connect with you?

* Women Stories Laughter
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C4W Member Profile: Judith Moore

February 23, 2011

What is your profession? Owner & CEO, Charleston Cookie Company

What do you enjoy doing outside of your career? Photography, cooking, listening to classical music and reading

How long have you been a member of the Center for Women? 12 years

What inspired you to become a member? It seemed like a good idea?  (sorry, it’s been long enough – pre Jennet – that I can’t remember)

What kind of impact has the Center for Women had on you? Networking with the women who are members at the Center has helped me build my business.  I feel I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the Center for all of the opportunities I have been offered to spread the word about Charleston Cookie Company.

How has living day-to-day as a woman affected you? Since I have no basis for comparison to any other way of living (sorry, I couldn’t resist), I’d have to say that living as a woman has had its challenges, but also its advantages.   It may not be politically correct to say this, but the fact that I’m an attractive woman proved to be advantageous to my career in the mid-70s when corporations finally accepted the fact that they had to begin to hire women.  Smart and attractive was a winning combination and I used those qualities to get me where I wanted to go!  I’m shameless and I’ll admit it.

What kind of message would you like to send out to women who are trying to succeed in today’s economy? Don’t let ANYONE, male or female, tell you that you don’t deserve to be successful.  Women still have a tendency to devalue their worth and to put others ahead of themselves.  That’s just not a winning attitude.

C4W Board Member Profile: Jennifer Dyer Buddin

February 2, 2011

What is your profession? I’m a “word of mouth connector” polling thousands of women about the businesses they trust and rely upon and asking those referred businesses to be a part of our free directory, The Little Black Book for every busy woman. I’m also passionate about entrepreneurship and helping connect people to resources and information.

What do you enjoy doing outside of your career? My absolute happiest moments are when I’m outdoors, piddling around my house or laughing with family and friends. My husband Howard and I spend a lot of time taking walks, hiking, camping, canoeing or swimming; I think in my next life, I’ll be a fish – evolved back into the sea. Tinkering around my house with my apron on, baking, moving things around, working in the yard, it all makes me feel calm and serene.  Laughter is a big part of my life and lucky for me I’ve got lots of hilarious friends. I’m a part of the Theatre 99 family and the comedy improv groups Mary Kay has a Posse, Hot Pants and Tone Locos, a musical improv group.  Improvising frees my brain and never stops teaching or entertaining me.

How long have you been a member of the Center for Women? The Center was one of the first groups I joined upon starting my business right out of college – 11 years ago in 2011.

What inspired you to become a member? The services and programs offered for entrepreneurs initially compelled me to join, and thankfully I did because some of my most valued mentors were developed through the Center and great friendships as well.  Now, I also do my best to help facilitate the mission of helping other women everyday as much as I can by sharing any knowledge I have gleaned from my personal experiences.

What kind of impact has the Center for Women had on you? The Center is so “full circle” for me.  I grew up in North Georgia – all “my people” are from there – and when you’re in a new city or a new phase in life, you need help, resources, support and encouragement – you need some more “people”. My business was founded upon that need and the Center helped fill it.  Now, The Center for Women is a “sister organization” to WomenSource in my hometown of Gainesville, GA.  That connection is illustrative of my experience – helping women broadens our horizons and brings us back home.

How has living day-to-day as a woman affected you? It’s affected me a lot hormonally; I mean there are a lot of ups and downs. (rim shot!)  Seriously though, I truly believe that empowering women changes worlds.  The way we communicate and share with one another, take care of what and who needs to be taken care of and then help each other out instinctively – it’s powerful and I’m glad to be a part of it.  Thank you X chromosome!

What kind of message would you like to send out to women who are trying to succeed in today’s economy? We’re experiencing a paradigm shift.  Lots of things are changing – new technology, financial uncertainty and access to capital, the way people communicate and process information, on and on.  When things are shifting, you’ve got to pay attention and let yourself be affected by it.  If the old way of doing things isn’t working, get creative and find new ways of doing business that do work.

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