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Moms’ Run turns the spotlight on PPD

May 11, 2012

Guest blogger Center for Women member and Ruth Rhoden Craven Foundation Board Member, Holly Fisher, spotlights postpartum depression.

I like to tell people if they are a mom, know a mom or have a mom they should want to support the annual Moms’ Run. You don’t necessarily have to have babies living in your house right now to appreciate what moms go through.

The ninth annual Moms’ Run + Family Fun Day raises money and awareness for the Ruth Rhoden Craven Foundation for Postpartum Depression Awareness, a local organization dedicated to educating, supporting and healing.

This event on Mother’s Day weekend turns the spotlight on the often difficult role of motherhood made even more challenging for women going through postpartum depression. While upwards of 20 percent of new moms have PPD, it remains a taboo subject. The baby books give it a brief mention and many women feel too ashamed to admit the feelings they may be having.

Many people may not realize that PPD can develop any time during the first year after a woman gives birth and it is drastically different from the “baby blues,” feelings of sadness that linger a couple weeks after giving birth but go away on their own.

PPD is a medical condition requiring treatment through medication, counseling, a support group or some combination of the three. It’s not something a woman can just “get over.” A hot bath or a walk around the block won’t cure PPD. But it is indeed treatable and most women overcome PPD and are able to enjoy their babies.

Events like the Moms’ Run are so important because they give us a reason to talk about PPD and to make it OK to discuss the struggles of motherhood. But let’s not limit our discussions to a once-a-year event. Let’s keep the conversation going. Let’s support each other as mothers and women. Let’s recognize this illness and get our sisters, daughters and friends the help they need and deserve.

Register for the Moms’ Run and learn more about the Ruth Rhoden Craven Foundation at


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