C4W Member Profile: Amee Davison

What is your profession? Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

What do you enjoy doing outside of your career? Most importantly spending time with family and friends, especially my two month old baby girl.  I also enjoy shopping, taking my two dogs to the dog park, and watching movies with the hubby!

How long have you been a member of the Center for Women? I just joined!  We are new to the Charleston area.

What inspired you to become a member? I love what the Center stands for, especially when it comes to empowering women.  Working for a company like Mary Kay who which has many of the same priorities as the Center for Women it was a no brainer decision!

What kind of impact has the Center for Women had on you? It has strengthened my belief that as women we need to embrace who we are and form relationships with one another to achieve more for ourselves as well as for our families and communities.

How has living day-to-day as a woman affected you? As a new mom it has shown me that we wear many hats: mom, wife, business woman, daughter, sister, friend…. and juggling those hats takes having priorities, balance, and most importantly endurance to make it through each day!

What kind of message would you like to send out to women who are trying to succeed in today’s economy?  I’ve always run my business on the belief that if we do the work, God will do the rest.  Also, on my own personal mantra be committed, be consistent, and be determined.


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One Response to “C4W Member Profile: Amee Davison”

  1. Michaela Says:

    Amee is one of the best Mary Kay consultants around! She is a blessing to everyone she meets and has amazing customer service!

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