C4W Member Profile: Judith Moore

What is your profession? Owner & CEO, Charleston Cookie Company

What do you enjoy doing outside of your career? Photography, cooking, listening to classical music and reading

How long have you been a member of the Center for Women? 12 years

What inspired you to become a member? It seemed like a good idea?  (sorry, it’s been long enough – pre Jennet – that I can’t remember)

What kind of impact has the Center for Women had on you? Networking with the women who are members at the Center has helped me build my business.  I feel I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the Center for all of the opportunities I have been offered to spread the word about Charleston Cookie Company.

How has living day-to-day as a woman affected you? Since I have no basis for comparison to any other way of living (sorry, I couldn’t resist), I’d have to say that living as a woman has had its challenges, but also its advantages.   It may not be politically correct to say this, but the fact that I’m an attractive woman proved to be advantageous to my career in the mid-70s when corporations finally accepted the fact that they had to begin to hire women.  Smart and attractive was a winning combination and I used those qualities to get me where I wanted to go!  I’m shameless and I’ll admit it.

What kind of message would you like to send out to women who are trying to succeed in today’s economy? Don’t let ANYONE, male or female, tell you that you don’t deserve to be successful.  Women still have a tendency to devalue their worth and to put others ahead of themselves.  That’s just not a winning attitude.


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  1. Linda Hyland Says:

    Thanks for sharing.

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