C4W Member Profile: Stacey Elicker

What is your profession? Owner & Strategic Planning at Little Highrise.

What do you enjoy doing outside of your career? Spending time with my family and cooking.

How long have you been a member of the Center for Women? One year.

What inspired you to become a member? I became a member to meet other entrepreneurs and learn from other women. Navigating the business world as a woman business owner is much different than many people might think.

What kind of impact has the Center for Women had on you? It has given me a rich appreciation of the power of women helping women. It can sometimes be tough for women to trust others, but the Center for Women has proven that if we put ours minds to it, we can accomplish anything – together!

How has living day-to-day as a woman affected you? The demands of work-life balance have always been a struggle. I can attest to the fact that it is indeed possible to be successful at both at the same time.

What kind of message would you like to send out to women who are trying to succeed in today’s economy? Many people think that women in the workplace are at a disadvantage. If you research your market and refine your approach, women have a huge advantage in every marketplace. Analyze your strengths as a woman and use those as one of your unique selling points.


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