Growing Up and Growing My Network – C4W’s Speed Networking Event

Guest blogger and C4W intern, Sarah Andrews, shares her experience with Monday night’s Annual Entrepreneurs Speed Networking Event.


Monday night made me an adult. Or at least it made me feel like one.

I walked into the Center for Women’s 9th Annual Entrepreneurs Networking Event, wearing slacks and carrying my first set of official business cards. I went in as a senior in college overwhelmed by my future and I left encouraged, empowered, and informed with new contacts and job options.

I wish every senior had the opportunity that I did. Lucky enough to be serving as the Center for Women intern, I planned to attend the event to help them but I did not realize how much I would be helping myself.

Entering a room filled with tons of tables and wonderful women, I found my place at the correctly numbered table. Each table was numbered for 3 different rounds of speed networking, which was much like speed dating only, at the end of the night you end up with job opportunities rather than romantic ones.

And I certainly did end up with opportunities – many of them. Throughout the two hours I was able to meet and exchange business cards with almost 30 women!?! I have already received an email, a phone call and a LinkedIn request… all from one evening.

I have been told over and over again in college that it is more of who you know rather than what you know.

I cannot think of a better or more enjoyable way to increase who I know than an event like Monday night’s. It was so encouraging to see women excited and motivated in what they were doing for themselves and for the community. I walked away with job opportunities and contacts but, more importantly, empowerment to feel like I can truly make an impact in my community, as was evident in each of the women I met.

As if this was not enough, the event also increased what I know as well. The incredibly eloquent and entertaining Dr. Elaine Yarbrough spoke on Women’s Wisdom. She had startling statistics and revealing data on how women are disadvantaged starting as children in elementary school classrooms up to working women in the board rooms. Fortunately, she also shared advice on how to support other women and stand up for ourselves in the office, home, and community.

I now feel like I have a jump start to do just that because of this event and all the great connections I made there!

If you want to join me, be sure to check out the Center for Women and become a member if you aren’t already.

Annnnnd, be sure to come out to the 10th Annual Entrepreneurs Networking event in 2011, especially if you missed the fun this year!


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