Guest Blog (Laura Olsen Imagery): An evening at Saks

In a strained economy non-profit organizations feel the pinch in big ways. They must work twice as hard to just keep up with current plans, let alone expand programing. This week’s news of the Charleston Symphony Orchestra shuttering it’s doors for the remainder of this season was a harsh reminder of what can happen when the community doesn’t rally to support organizations that do so much to aid our collective growth and development.

The Center for Women is as creative as I have seen, by way of creating unique events… and prolific too! There is at least one event within the community per week and the women at the helm are pro’s. They don’t even look like they are breaking a sweat! Partnering with businesses and stand-outs in the community for varied programs is a way to open up new audiences and gain exposure.

Tonight’s event was held at Saks Fifth Avenue, downtown Charleston. Carol Perkins of Harry Barker spoke about how her business began and became what it is today – an International Luxury Dog Accessory Brand. Harry Barker was born in spite of and even because of a rare brain tumor, years ago, that took her back to the beginning where she could start over – this time, doing what she loves.


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