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C4W Member Profile: Elizabeth Currey

April 22, 2010

Oncology Social Worker, Elizabeth Currey, has been a member of the Center for Women since she moved to Charleston in 1998. Her inspiration to join the Center came from her mother, Barbara Currey, who was one of the original board members. Her career was also a contributor, as the center gave her a place to send her patients when they were going through a variety of situations.

When she’s not busy spending time with patients, she enjoys embracing her passion – running – which she didn’t discover until after both of her children were born. She also enjoys spending time on the beach, building sandcastles with her children and exploring nature. And, ironically enough, she LOVES mowing lawns and picking weeds!

Currey claims that through the Center for Women she was able to create both personal and professional relationships that she will maintain for life. “Although many of us came from different backgrounds, lived in different areas of Charleston, we all had/have a common goal which made race, socioeconomic status, etc invisible.” The organization allows her to connect with others who are both different and alike, as well as help her achieve peace of mind when she refers her patients.

As a youngest of three girls, she has always been proud to be a woman. She says she has three of the strongest women (her two sisters – Nancy and Kathleen – and her mother) that she can count on to help pull her up out of the quicksand.

So what does strong, professional Elizabeth Currey have to say to women are trying to deal with the current economy:

Hang in there and stay strong and confident in yourself. Don’t let anyone, male or female, intimidate you. Lead with compassion, honor and respect. Find your inner peace and what makes your creative energy flow, THIS is when you will be more productive and succeed. Trying to achieve goals to get ahead and/or gain in a monetary way does not foster harmony. Go with your passion, the rest will come. Stay away from toxic people who bring you down. If you need therapy, get it. C4W can refer you! Breathe and take in nature because often success in this economy is just getting from paycheck to paycheck.

C4W Member Profile: Diane Blackwelder

April 15, 2010

Certified Financial Planner, Diane Blackwelder, has been a member of the Center for Women for five years. Through working with Charleston Financial Planners, she is able to help women and their families connect life and money every day.

Blackwelder attended the Annual Women in Business Conference in 2004 and there she realized how many remarkable, professional women were in the Charleston area and knew she wanted to get involved with the Center for Women.

She claims that when she attended the conference, she was working in her profession but in a job that felt all wrong. During one of the break out groups, she spent thirty minutes with women talking about a professional life that they were all passionate about. This triggered momentum in Blackwelder, as she says “that day became the catalyst for me to start my own practice and build a business I could be proud of.”

When she’s not busy impacting women through her professional life, she enjoys boating, searching for the perfect sand dollar on Bull Island, spending time on Charleston waterways and barrier islands with her husband and two boys, reading and watching movies.

Blackwelder’s message to women trying to succeed in today’s economy:

As the old saying goes: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

C4Women Board Member Profile: Harriet McDougal Rigney

April 8, 2010

Center for Women Board Member, Harriet McDougal Rigney, is an editor.

Her inspiration to become a member? Simply, “I am a woman.” She claims the Center is a, “splendidly run nonprofit that addresses a real need in South Carolina.”

When she’s not busy embracing her writing abilities, she enjoys gardening, yoga and travel.

When asked what kind of message she would like to send out to other women trying to succeed in the economy, she says:

“Keep at it. Onward. Onward. Onward.”

Guest Blog (Laura Olsen Imagery): An evening at Saks

April 5, 2010

In a strained economy non-profit organizations feel the pinch in big ways. They must work twice as hard to just keep up with current plans, let alone expand programing. This week’s news of the Charleston Symphony Orchestra shuttering it’s doors for the remainder of this season was a harsh reminder of what can happen when the community doesn’t rally to support organizations that do so much to aid our collective growth and development.

The Center for Women is as creative as I have seen, by way of creating unique events… and prolific too! There is at least one event within the community per week and the women at the helm are pro’s. They don’t even look like they are breaking a sweat! Partnering with businesses and stand-outs in the community for varied programs is a way to open up new audiences and gain exposure.

Tonight’s event was held at Saks Fifth Avenue, downtown Charleston. Carol Perkins of Harry Barker spoke about how her business began and became what it is today – an International Luxury Dog Accessory Brand. Harry Barker was born in spite of and even because of a rare brain tumor, years ago, that took her back to the beginning where she could start over – this time, doing what she loves.

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