C4W Member Profile: Cathryn A. Cato

Wealth Counselor, CPA and Investment Advisor, Cathryn A. Cato has been a member of the Center for Women for five years. Her inspiration to become a member came from Jennet Alterman and her “amazing staff.”

Cato claims the center has had a compelling effect on her every day life. It has allowed her to, “grow, personally and professionally in ways I never expected. I have a much larger support network as a result of the programs and services offered by the Center. I have also begun to focus my business more toward servicing women’s financial needs.”

Through working primarily in a male-dominated profession, Cato has realized the significance in catering to women’s needs. It has shown her that women still need a voice to close the equality gap.

When she’s not wrapped up in her busy career, she enjoys embracing the natural world through beach walking, kayaking and hiking.

When asked what kind of message she would like to send out to women attempting success in today’s economy, Cato says:

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help and don’t stop until you find it. You may find it in the most surprising places.”


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