Jenny Sanford speaks at CofC with C4W’s Jennet Alterman

Last week we had the opportunity of hearing Jenny Sanford speak publicly in Charleston for the first time since June 2009. In a forum co-sponsored by the Center for Women and the Friends of the College of Charleston Library, she spoke on a wide variety of topics – her transition from Wall Street to First Lady to her interest in seeing more women run for public office. She also spoke candidly on how she handled the events of the last year.

Sanford was introduced by the President of the Friends of the Library, Bradford Marshall. During her speech Mrs. Sanford recounted instances from her book “Staying True” focusing on the years spent at the Governor’s
Mansion, the importance of her friends and her innate belief in staying true to herself.

During an interview after her speech conducted by Center for Women Director, Jennet Robinson Alterman, subjects such as women in politics and staying on track as a woman through difficult times were also discussed.

When Alterman brought up the question of South Carolina being number 50 in the nation for women holding elected office, Sanford explained that it was in large part a “fund raising issue” which stemmed from a cultural bias. In discussing the response to her book, “I’ve heard from people from all over the country since last June.

Most of the responses I’ve received have been positive…mostly from women who have gone through similar experiences, or who are overcoming struggles in life and have simply appreciated the thought process I’ve explained in the book.”

For a portion of the discussion, visit


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