C4W Member Profile: Melissa Fuller Brown

Center for Women member Melissa Fuller Brown, has been a member of the organization for over a decade now. She is an attorney who deals with complex divorces and other family law matters.

When she’s not busy with law, she enjoys being outside – spending time with family and friends, exercising, boating, riding horses and fly fishing. She also relaxes through reading and embraces her creativity through making her own jewelry.

Her inspiration to become a member of the Center came from, “the philosophy that successful women, whether professional or stay-at-home mothers, would work together to support one another and provide venues that would enrich and enhance our personal and professional lives.”

Brown has made a network of friends through the Center for Women, which have proved profoundly positive on her law practice. She has learned from the Brown Bag Lunches and the Entrepreneurial Women Series. And…her purse collection has been enhanced in large part due to the Silent Purse Auction!

Brown explains, “Women are sometimes other females’ worst enemies, and the CFW has helped women recognize that we need to support and build each other up rather than compete and tear each other down.” She goes on to say that the support she feels from the women at the Center – whether through being mentored or mentoring herself – is rewarding beyond her, “wildest expectations.”

So what is this attorney’s message to women who are trying to succeed in today’s economy?

“You are not alone. All of us are struggling in this current economy, and rather than let it get us down, learn valuable lessons where you used to waste money spending it on frivolous, unnecessary items. Do not be afraid to entertain by asking others to bring a dish because it is the company that is important not necessarily the impressive meal put on by only the hostess. For businesswomen take a good look at your overhead costs and take an active role in ridding yourself of any unnecessary items and inspire your employees to take ownership of this goal so they, too, profit from greater cash flow.”


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