Board Member Profile: Pam Everitt

Chief Information for the SC State Ports Authority, Pam Everitt, has been a member of the Center for Women for over five years.

Her inspiration to become a member was due to the “strong programs offered and the quality of the membership.” She became more involved in the Center because of the talented and generous women who make up the organization and their “understanding the value of giving back through the Center for Women.”

She has gained much from the Center, as it has given her a “broader scope on women’s issues and increased her awareness to the challenges others face in the Charleston community.”

In her free time she enjoys giving back to the community, through mentoring young adults and volunteering with children and in her church. She also finds interest in professional development (such as Toastmasters) and reading on her Kindle.

Everitt’s message to women trying to succeed:

“It is hard to look beyond our own needs and those of our loved ones. We need to draw upon our own internal faith in hard times and if our faith is weak, we need to strengthen it. Then we can draw upon others and find strength in numbers, without draining others. We will become stronger together. We will meet today’s challenges and someday find value in the losses we’ve experienced. We must celebrate and cherish the good in our lives and help others do the same. Now is the time to seize the day!”


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