Board Member Profile: Doretha Walker

Center of Women's Chair of the Board - Doretha Walker

Chair of the Center for Women’s Board, Doretha Walker, is a logistics manager. She is currently getting her PhD in Public Policy and Administration and soon hopes to move into the field.

Walker started her journey as part of the Center for Women as a volunteer. Her appreciation for the organization evolved because she “did not have to have a label to belong or to get the benefits.”

She claims the Center has helped her understanding of multiple elements of life, as she has participated in many Empowerment Groups and Brown Bag Lunches.

When Walker isn’t busy contributing to the Center and managing her career, she enjoys healthy elements of life – cooking, running, biking and reading.

Her message to women in today’s economy:

“As my Dad says, ‘Keep on keeping on!’

Remember even small steps count as progress, do not discount them, and celebrate them because in the end they get you where you need to be. Also ask for help when you need it, pride is a terrible alternative when success is really what you want.”


One Response to “Board Member Profile: Doretha Walker”

  1. Idell Rossano-Escalera Says:

    “Keep on Keepin on” and “Don’t be afraid to ask for help” are the two things you said that prompted me to write to you, (or anyone that can help me). Here goes, I have been buying clothes and other things for the past two years. I first started sending them to my sister-in-law in Mexico for her to earn a little money for my husband’s mother and herself. I still have lots of things, I found it was really expensive to send things to Mexico. Now here is where I ask for help. I want to start selling these items and send money to Mexico from the sales. I am just so overwhelmed I do not know where to start. Can you are someone help me with ideas ?

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