Board Member Profile: Kendra Haskins

Kendra Haskins, owner of a web development and graphic design company, has been a member of the Center for Women for four years. She was first attracted to the organizaton because of the programs and the opportunity to meet other women in Charleston. As a new member of the Charleston community, the Center for Women has served as an opportunity for Haskins to meet women involved and feel involved as well.

When she’s not busy building websites and creating brands for companies and organizations, Haskins enjoys contributing to the community through volunteering “with causes that help women of all ages,” and supporting local theater. She also takes time to explore the outdoors, engages in travel and is constantly reading.

Haskins’ drive comes from her outlook on women as a “community” rather than an “every man for himself contest.”

Haskins’ keen talent is well appreciated throughout the Charleston area; you can barely look through a publication without seeing something she has created. Her message to women trying to succeed in today’s economy:

“Be flexible. If something isn’t working – a career path, a situation, etc. – be willing to make a change. Do some research, discover what is out there and what is needed and try something new.”


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