Women in Business Conference – Girl Power Ensued

Hundreds of women piled into the Women in Business Conference last Friday to hear inspirational speakers, participate in productive workshops and most importantly – share the opportunity to connect with other women both different and alike. The day kicked off with a convocation speech from Colonel Martha A. Meeker, Commander of the new 628th Air Base Wing that will operate Joint Base Charleston. Her inspiring talk was followed by the speed networking event, in which each woman was able to sit at a table, go around in a circle and introduce themselves. At the ring of a bell, women rushed to the second table and embraced the opportunity to meet others and emphasize the role each played in the rapid world surrounding her. The first event triggered a compelling, contagious “girl power” energy in the air, which grew throughout the conference.

The fire peaked at lunch in large part due to our keynote speaker, Linda Tarr-Whelan who casually stated, “When a door opens, go through it.” In all walks of life, we are faced with opportunities, but we often times take difficulty in breaking the realm, the stereotype. Take a day to yourself, take the promotion, dive full force into whatever it is you think you MAY want to do…trust your instinct. No more second guessing yourself. “What’s the worst that can happen if you do go through the door?” Failure? The risk of being let down? If you fall, take all you can, learn and pick yourself back up. And that’s what Linda Tarr-Whelan’s speech emphasized. If we don’t break the mold and do what we innately know and feel is right now, when will we? A long path has been traveled but it in no way has been conquered.

The vivacious energy throughout the conference sent off the poignant message that we should carry with us – throw your fist in the air and JUST DO IT! You may choose to leap, jump or take baby steps; there is no “right” way. Regardless of how long it takes, you are still taking the chance. Vulnerability is difficult for all of us, but even if you put yourself out there and fall, you will still gain. It is through experience that we become both stronger and smarter; how else do we learn? Go through the door, embrace your opportunities…Really, what do you have to lose?


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One Response to “Women in Business Conference – Girl Power Ensued”

  1. Jeni Rone Says:

    As a second year attendee, this was fabulous even with pending snow storms outside! The Center for Women really make a difference in my life and this conference is a must do if you are a professional woman in Charleston! Thank you for a great time again this year!

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