Hope for Women in Afghanistan

I simply can’t believe that the women of Afghanistan are being abandoned again by the world’s super powers. Pres. Karzai signed into law last week a bill that legalizes marital rape. This week a woman’s rights activist was mudered in front of her own home and yesterday a young couple who had attempted to elope were executed. The Taliban is alive and well and living in Afghanistan. On Thursday April 16 I will be introducing Connie Duckworth, the Chairman of the Board of Arzu at a reception. This is a non-profit organization that works with women rug weavers in Afghanistan and helps to get their finely woven carpets to foreign markets. Local businessman Rob Leahy is hosting Arzu this weekend at Fine Rugs of Charleston at 1523 Meeting St. Ext. in Charleston. There will be a free reception on Thursday from 5 to 7pm, the rugs will be available then and all day Friday and Saturday. On Saturday at 1pm I will moderate a discussion of what life really is like for women in Afghanistan. It is one of my passions as I was a Peace Corps Volunteer there just before the Russian invasion in 1980. I have kept up with all that has happened since then and honestly believe that women in the US need to fight for the rights of our sisters being hugely oppressed by the Taliban.


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