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Women in Finance First to be Fired

February 28, 2009

I have heard over the years how tough it is for women in the financial world. Those who are working as financial advisors face alot of negativity from their male colleagues. I was checking my last women enews posting and was shocked but not suprised to read the following: In an article examining why women on Wall Street are “disappearing” published by Forbes Feb. 25, the story of Amy Bartoletti at Citicorp is provided as a prime example.

Bartoletti claims she was asked to head up a group to securitize home loans, but a male colleague complained that he wasn’t selected, so they were both made co-heads and earned the same salary, despite her greater experience. They both were required to take a special licensing exam in October; she earned the certification quickly, he did not. In November, Bartoletti was laid off from her job because the bank told her she was “too expensive.”

“It’s the old boys’ network,” she said.

Bartoletti and four other women have filed a bias complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the federal agency that investigates workplace discrimination. Since the stock market crash, 260,000 jobs have been lost in the financial and insurance sectors. Women were 64 percent of employees before the economic crisis but represent 72 percent of the laid-off workers, according to Forbes.

Civil Rights

February 16, 2009

I was asked recently what civil rights issue was a priority. To me it is pay equity for women of all races. In SC today women make 72 cents for every dollar a man in a comparable job makes. That 72 cents represents white women. African American women make even less (65 cents) and Hispanic women even less than African American women.
It is time to close the wage gap once and for all. If we paid women what they were worth it would create more jobs and generate enough tax revenue to fully fund state government services. According to the Darla Mooore School of Business at the University of SC paying women that additional 28 cents would create over 100,000 jobs and generate an additional $1 billion in tax revenues for the state.

We can continue to seek legislation that prohibits pay inequity but until all women have equal rights under the Constitution it is a paper exercise. Let women become full citizens and watch how everyone’s quality of life will improve.

Moments of Joy

February 6, 2009

I saw Joy Vandervort Cobb perform her one woman show called Moments of Joy last night and it was a staggeringly moving moment in the theatre. She covered her life in just 90 minutes, approximately two minutes for every year she has lived and I feel that I know her more every inspiration. She boldly addresses body image, self esteem, motherhood, realtionships both personal and professional, and most importantly she bares her challenges and opportunities for all to experience. Run to see this show…trust me you will be a better person for it.

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