What is mom worth?

This picture says it all: “I’m torn between wanting to stay at home, and wanting to escape.”

A few moms that I know are doing things differently now. We have more options, or at least I’d like to think so. Some moms give up their careers and/or social lives while others go back to work. Then there are some that do both – maybe work from home while looking after the kids. Let’s not forget about those stay at home dads! Some of us have a choice while most do not. Money plays a huge factor as well. Is daycare or a nanny worth all of the expenses? Should you work from home and take a pay cut or lose benefits? At the same time there are those horrible feelings of guilt with going back to work, or the gut wrenching fear of losing your identity if you don’t. So, you weigh the options – what’s best for you and your family? What if money were not an object?


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One Response to “What is mom worth?”

  1. Angie Mizzell Says:

    This is all so true. I think women could do a better job of supporting one another as we make these tough decisions. I recall an episode on Oprah a while back on this topic, and it revealed that women often judge one another and the choices they make regarding how to best balance career and family. I believe one choice is not necessarily “better” or “worse” than the other. Whether a mom works, stays at home, or does a little of both does not determine the type of mother she is. Think about the people we love the most in our lives, the people who have made the greatest impact. Do we have that special connection with those people because of the quantity of time we have spent with them, or the quality?

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