Is this love?

First off I will start by saying, I have never really been an avid watcher of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette (although, I did quite adore Trista and Ryan!). I figured we needed to address the situation at hand, however. This recently-ended season of The Bachelorette has caused much heat among women I know…I mean, did DeAnna choose the wrong guy?? I have heard mostly that, but want your thoughts.

I happen to believe and feel, that one’s personal life should stay, well, PERSONAL. I cannot imgaine being on national television searching for my “soul mate” or whatever you want to title them. Would any of you put yourself out there trying to find your true love? I wonder how much she really got to know these men and if it was enough to become engaged to Jesse? I find that hard to believe, but maybe because I can sometimes be a little skeptical.

Jason seemed like a sweet man and loved her dearly. I will say that I am happy she chose Jesse if that is truly where her heart is. Will Jason become our next Bachelor? I have also seen articles and other posts about ALL these women around the country wanting to be with Jason..women who have never even met this guy! I mean, are these women just desperate for a man and they use reality tv to define their reality?

I want comments from you women out there, from those who watched the show and those who didn’t much, like myself. Jesse seems like a nice and loving man, too, although a bit that why we all think he’s wrong?? Please catch me up to speed with all this madness!


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